Urge Governor O'Malley to stand strong against Constellation/EdF deal!

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley wrote in the Baltimore Sun September 16, 2009 that "The Constellation-EDF transaction, as proposed, is fatally flawed because it exposes BGE customers to potential harm while offering no meaningful benefits."

Even if the state succeeds in placing conditions on this deal, it would still be fatally-flawed. No deal should be approved that brings to Marylanders a $15 billion nuclear reactor, a $33 million Constellation CEO golden parachute, a French company known for questionable business practices, and decades of needlessly high electricity rates.
Tell Governor O'Malley to stand strong and to continue speaking out against this deal. The sooner this deal is denied, the sooner Marylanders can go to work building a safe, clean, affordable energy future. Sign the letter below. Please feel free to edit it to reflect your own concerns if you wish.
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December 13, 2018


Dear Governor O'Malley,

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