Tell Rep. Maffei to End Forced Arbitration

In the fine print of everyday terms of agreement and contracts, corporations slip in a forced arbitration clause that shields them from accountability when their actions harm consumers and employees by denying consumers their right to go to court. We’ve been advocating for a bill to ban forced arbitration, and it is close to coming to a vote in the committee of jurisdiction, but one representative may stand in the way.

Fight forced arbitration today!

Rep. Dan Maffei (D-N.Y.) has the opportunity to make a difference. Use the form below to tell Rep. Maffei to support the Arbitration Fairness Act (H.R. 1020).

Consumers face the minefield of forced arbitration clauses every day because they are in contracts for many products and services such as credit cards, auto purchases and home building.

The arbitration system is inherently biased to favor the big businesses who hire the arbitrators on a repeat basis. It forces consumers and employees to voice their grievances in vain before corporate tribunals instead of impartial judges or juries.

The Arbitration Fairness Act will bar the use of pre-dispute mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer, employment and franchise agreements. It will ensure that the decision to arbitrate is truly voluntary on both sides.

To maximize your impact, follow up by calling Maffei's office at (202) 225-3701.

Please let us know if you made the call by emailing action (at) citizen (dot) org.

Please take a moment to contact Rep. Maffei:

January 16, 2019


Dear Rep. Dan Maffei

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