Instead of Wal-Mart answering its critics, the retail giant is threatening to sue them into silence.

Public Citizen has agreed to take the case of a private individual, Charles Smith, who just wanted to give the world his opinion of Wal-Mart's practices.
Read the legal complaint (.pdf).

A big company like Wal-Mart has deep pockets at its disposal to silence its critics.  They can afford to deliberately run up their opponents' costs in the hope that they cannot afford to continue. Public Citizen's client does not have the resources to shoulder the full burden of the fight. Fortunately, with talented litigators and truth on our side, Public Citizen does not need to match Wal-Mart's budget. 

We need your help to stop Wal-Mart from running roughshod over its critics. Your tax-deductible contribution can help make all the difference to keeping free speech alive. Contributions will be used for Public Citizen's expenses in its fight against Wal-Mart. In the event Public Citizen should raise more than its expenses in this case, the excess will go support its other fights to protect health, safety and democracy. By donating you will automatically receive information about how the case is coming.

Send Charles Smith your encouragement during the suit with this easy to use form. See his site by clicking here.


Wal-Mart is stomping on free speech. Public Citizen is putting a stop to it. Your
tax-deductible contribution
will help us win and will defend your freedom of expression.

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December 18, 2018


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