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Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch cordially invites you to participate in a trade teleconference briefing for state legislators.

The World Trade Organization's Services Agreement and State Sovereignty

 Wal-Mart and Land Use  · Energy · Water · Trash

Monday, March 20, 2006
4:00pm-5:00pm Eastern

Absent action by state and local officials, state government efforts to address the pressing problems of climate change, sprawl, access to clean water and more may be undermined by federal trade negotiators at the World Trade Organization.

Did you know that at the December 2005 World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong, U.S. federal trade negotiators agreed to push for an expansion of WTO powers, which would put an alarming array of existing and future state and local laws at risk of challenge in closed-door WTO tribunals?

As part of a proposed expansion of WTO service sector rules the U.S. federal government has agreed to negotiate, foreign countries would be empowered to use the WTO dispute resolution system as an international venue to challenge a range of state and local policies that multinational service sector firms argue are WTO-illegal barriers to their plans for global expansion.  (More info.)

Please join Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch for a discussion of what is at stake for state governments in ongoing WTO negotiations and what state officials can do to advocate for the interests of their states.

To RSVP, please sign and send the message below, or contact Kate Pollard at (202) 454-5167 or You will be contacted shortly with dial-in information and background materials.

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