Write a Letter: 'Trade' Deals Could Block Port Action

Thanks to you and millions of others speaking their mind, the Dubai port deal has been halted. Many in Congress heeded your call to shift the debate away from the Arab-bashing and towards addressing the real issue in the ports scandal — that when it comes to our critical national infrastructure, there are certain things should not be globalized, privatized and sold off for profit.

But, the White House is having none of it. President Bush has two new proposed trade agreements  - one with the South American nation of Peru and one with the Middle Eastern country of Oman – that contain provisions that would handcuff Congress in the case of a future sell-off of sensitive U.S. facilities.

The Bush Administration plans to send these two deals to Congress for approval  imminently, but your voice can make a difference!  Please send a letter to Congress using the form below, and ask for assurances that these upcoming ‘trade’ deals NOT limit our ability to decide who controls our critical infrastructure. 

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March 21, 2019


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