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Say No to FERC Nominee

Your utility bills may already be rising and are likely to continue to do so if Bush gets his wish with confirmation of his nominated commissioner to the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC). You won't be surprised to find out, his nominee, Phil Moeller, is a utility lobbyist. 

Moeller is a registered lobbyist for energy companies, representing such firms as Calpine (fined millions of dollars for manipulating the electricity market in California and national natural gas markets) and Alliant Energy, which controls utilities in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa Minnesota. In his capacity as an industry lobbyist, he has been paid handsomely to promote the deregulation of utility rates.  Deregulation was supposed to benefit you and consumers but it has led to higher natural gas and electric rates.

Tell your Senators to vote no on Phil Moeller.

Volunteer Attorney Lynn Hargis
"I am very concerned your and my utility bills are going to skyrocket. We need real regulators at FERC to protect us."

Lynn Hargis is a volunteer attorney with Public Citizen and was the assistant general counsel for electric rates at FERC. She's got important information to share with you.
Read her article, The Federal Power Act: What Is It, Why Do I Care?

March 21, 2019


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