Tell your Senators to take a stand in the ethics showdown

The Senate showdown on ethics reform is at hand. Use the form below to remind your Senators that an independent Office of Public Integrity, which Sen. McCain and others will be proposing, is essential to cleaning up corruption scandals in Congress.

The leadership of both parties are currently looking for an easy way to once again kill lobbying and ethics reform. DON"T LET THEM DO IT! Demand that your Senator take a stand and support an Office of Public Integrity.

Remind them that large majorities of Americans think that bribes by lobbyists are common practice in Washington, and that they – and you – want to see an end to this corruption. Let them know that if they can't hold themselves accountable now, you will hold them accountable in November.

As always, you can send an even more powerful message by inserting your own thoughts and words in the editable letter below – particularly in the subject line and first paragraph.

December 13, 2018


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