Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald: Bush Must Testify

The latest revelation in the Valerie Plame investigation underscores the Bush administration’s perversion of the government’s control over information for political gain. This is an unethical administration that changes the rules to help campaign contributors and manipulates information to score political points. President Bush himself authorized the leak of information in a National Intelligence Estimate for a political reason – to discredit former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson. This is ironic, because the Bush administration has been one of the most secretive in history, even re-classifying information that has long been in the public domain. Whether it is removing information from Web sites, silencing government scientists about global warming, changing the rules to limit the availability of information or shielding information for “national security” purposes so the public can’t find out how inadequately prepared we are for another terrorist attack, this administration has been positively Nixonian in its obsession with hiding facts from the public

Bush needs to come clean with the American public and stop abusing his office. He must testify in the investigation of the Plame matter.

Read the condemnation of the White House by Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook

December 18, 2018


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