April 20, 2006 

Tell Senators Not to Allow Backdoor Attack on Offshore Wind Farm Proposed for Nantucket Sound!
Offshore Wind is Necessary Part of a Clean Energy Future 

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Two congressmen from Alaska, with the support of Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, recently inserted a provision in the Coast Guard Reauthorization Bill that would give the Governor of Massachusetts the power to veto the Cape Wind Project - a 130-turbine wind farm proposed for federal waters in Nantucket Sound. The Cape Wind Project would be the first significant offshore wind project on the East Coast.

This last-minute legislative manuever lacks transparency, would undermine local control and the role of state and federal agencies, and arbitrarily interfere with the construction of renewable technologies at the time we most need to encourage their development. The Cape Wind project has already passed regulatory muster by state, regional, and federal authorities. Recent findings by the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board, ISO New England Inc., and the Army Corps of Engineers have supported Cape Wind as a sound development that should be allowed to proceed. The Massachusetts Governor - to whom the veto power would be given - is a known opponent of the project, and has no similar control over nuclear, coal, oil or other power generation projects.

The turbines themselves are modern, clean and quiet, and at 5 to 9 miles from shore they will only appear as half-inch specks on the horizon. Especially in the Northeast, offshore wind holds the promise of supplying vast amounts of clean, renewable energy without additional air pollution from power plants.With the urgent threat of climate disruption, wind is an important source of clean renewable energy.

Contact your Senators and House members and tell them to reject this language and insist that it be removed from the Coast Guard Reauthorization Bill. Congress is expected to take up this bill when it returns to session next Monday, April 24th.

We recommend you call and email. Please feel free to call both their district and their Washington D.C. offices.

See below to send an email.

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