Urge Your Senators to Oppose Funding For
Reprocessing Nuclear Waste!

President Bush’s budget requests calls for $250 million to develop reprocessing of radioactive waste from commercial reactors in the United States. The request is part of the Administration’s proposed Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP), a program to revive reprocessing in the U.S. and other countries. Reprocessing is an extremely expensive and polluting process that increases the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation.

Thanks to your letters and phone calls, at the end of May, the House expressed serious concerns about the proposed program and reduced the funding by over half, to $120 million. In fact, the House committee concluded that, "The Department of Energy has failed to provide sufficient detailed information to enable Congress to understand fully all aspects of this initiative, including cost, schedule, technology development plan, and waste streams from GNEP." This issue will come up in Congress during the lame duck session, which starts on November 13.

The Bush administration claims that reprocessing, the separation of uranium and plutonium from radioactive waste, will solve the nuclear waste problem. In fact, reprocessing will:

  • Make more waste streams that pollute the environment
  • Cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars
  • Increase nuclear weapons proliferation risks

Tell your elected officials to oppose funding for reprocessing radioactive waste! Send a letter below!

Tell your Senator to oppose funding for reprocessing radioactive waste! Send a letter below! 

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March 21, 2019


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