May 3, 2006

Take Action! Tell DOE to Call Off Reprocessing Demonstration Proposal!

Reprocessing is Polluting and Expensive, and Threatens Global Security

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On March 22, 2006, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced its intention to do an environmental impact analysis of three facilities for its proposed Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP). GNEP is President Bush’s proposal to restart reprocessing of nuclear waste in the U.S. and to promote nuclear power domestically and abroad.  The DOE is planning to review the impacts of building three demonstration facilities - a reprocessing plant, a fast neutron reactor, and a fuel fabrication plant. No review, however, has been done of the impacts of the overall GNEP program. Given that GNEP proposes to make a 180 degree shift in U.S. radioactive waste management and global nonproliferation policies, and that the technologies themselves are not even ready for demonstration, DOE must do a review of the whole GNEP proposal before any proposal related to demonstration projects.

Reprocessing and fast reactors are expensive and polluting, and cannot solve the waste problem. The technologies that DOE are considering will not prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons materials, and even in the most optimistic scenarios do not solve the radioactive waste problem.

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