Bush Budget Encourages More Pollution and Increased Risk of Nuclear Materials Moving Through Your State

Bush's current budget calls for $250 million to fund the reprocessing of waste from commercial nuclear reactors in the United States. Reprocessing separates uranium and plutonium from radioactive fuel. It is an extremely expensive and polluting process. Also, it increases the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation. 

The Bush administration claims that its proposed Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, a program to promote reprocessing in the U.S. and abroad and through which reprocessing will be financed, will solve the nuclear waste problem created by nuclear reactors. In fact, the recommended reprocessing will:

  • Make more waste streams that must be managed
  • Fail to eliminate the need for a geologic repository for the waste
  • Increase the threat posed to important drinking water sources

Tell your Senators and Representative to oppose funding for reprocessing radioactive waste!

For more information about reprocessing, see Public Citizen's page on reprocessing nuclear waste by clicking here. 

For more information about alternatives to reprocessing and nuclear power, click here.

January 17, 2019


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