TEXANS: Invest in Your Future
Put the Spotlight on Solar Energy


Your electric bill is creeping up, or it may be soaring higher. Your pocketbook jitters could be soothed in the future with solar energy.  Really, it's a powerful option.  IF, Texas does the right thing.

Help us get the spotlight on the potential of solar energy. Right now staff at the Texas Public Utilities Commission is ignoring (maybe even reducing attention to) solar energy while it is debating new rules for expanding renewable capacity in the state. A recent staff proposal went so far as actually suggesting reductions in renewable investments in Texas by undercutting the 68,000 Texas customers who are buying green power through voluntary programs.

For the good of the grid, write the Commissioners and tell them Texas should include provisions for solar energy on homes and businesses, and should increase renewable energy.

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December 13, 2018


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