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Meet Shakuntala Makhijani
Public Citizen Intern
Shakuntala Makhijani
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Over the past few months that I’ve been interning at Public Citizen, I have gained a far deeper understanding of some of the most important energy issues we’re faced with today. In both researching and discussing questions over with my supervisors, I learned a great deal of interesting facts about energy, including the following five that I find particularly important:

  1. Nuclear energy has received tens of billions in federal R&D subsidies over nearly six decades, but remains uncompetitive and still relies on subsidies and tax breaks;
  2. There is no long-term solution for nuclear waste – even if Yucca Mountain opens it will be full by 2011 with spent fuel from currently operating reactors;
  3. Wind energy has made tremendous progress in the past decade and is now efficient and competitive;
  4. Solar energy can be easily incorporated into our current infrastructure by installing photovoltaic panels on rooftops; and
  5. Perhaps most importantly – the U.S. can meet its entire electricity demand with renewable energy by 2020.

All this has taught me that renewable alternatives are only the practical and environmentally responsible energy sources that can combat global climate change and ensure a secure energy future. Renewables such as wind, solar, advanced hydro, and geothermal can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels without the costs and dangers of nuclear power.

January 16, 2019


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