Justice for Asbestos Victims - Stop the Corporate Bailout

You, your family, your friends, or your colleagues could be exposed to asbestos and yet be blocked from recovering compensation for the illness it causes if a newly introduced bailout bill is passed.

Asbestos causes incurable respiratory diseases and cancers that can take 20 to 30 years to develop. It has not been banned and continues to be widely used in thousands of commercial products including brake pads, ironing board covers, hair dryers and joint compound. The EPA estimates that 30 million houses, schools and commercial buildings still contain asbestos insulation.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Penn.) just introduced a new bill, S. 3274 (a modified version of one that failed to pass in February because it violated budget law) which would ban all asbestos lawsuits. It would substitute an administrative system that would compensate only certain individuals who were exposed to asbestos for a substantial period of time while on the job.  Specter’s proposed “solution” is a way to deny access to justice and the protections of the courts to thousands of sick people and must be stopped. The bill would:

  • Force disease sufferers who qualified for compensation to surmount huge evidentiary and administrative hurdles,
  • Result in insufficient awards in court,
  • Remove current asbestos cases about to be resolved,
  • Cause delays in settlements,
  • Create a huge unnecessary bureacracy,
  • Protect corporations from paying out billions of dollars when they should be liable and increase their profits from negligent behavior,
  • Increase the burden on the taxpayers who would have to pick up the tab for  medical bills, lost wages, care for families of injured breadwinners, and other services, and
  • Give no compensation or recourse to asbestos sufferers not injured on the job.
Tell your Senators: Do not support S. 3274. 

March 21, 2019


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