Expanded Oil Drilling Will Only Harm the Environment
and Won’t Save Americans at the Pump

The U.S. is the third largest producer of crude oil in the world (producing more
than Iran, Kuwait and Qatar combined) and yet Congressional leaders are proposing allowing new oil and natural gas coastal drilling. They claim it will help lower your gas prices and improve our national security by reducing energy imports. But opening these environmentally sensitive areas to new drilling won’t come close to putting a dent in either energy prices or oil imports.
Yes, we are paying record high prices for energy and the oil companies are enjoying the biggest profits in the history of the American economy. The prices we pay and the profits the energy companies make are fueled, in part, by uncompetitive markets caused by the wave of mergers that have swept the oil industry, resulting in too few companies controlling too much of the refined products market. Some major oil companies have also been accused of manipulating markets. The day before the House of Representatives passed its off-shore drilling bill (HR 4761), the federal government brought charges against the oil company BP for manipulating the entire U.S. propane market in order to price-gouge millions of Americans.
Tell your Senators (please use the letter below as a sample and write your own personalized version), don't "fuel" increasing oil profits and growing demand with new oil from new drilling. Write now to oppose S.3711.

March 21, 2019


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