Our President Should Be Elected by Voters, Not Dollars

The presidential public financing system was created 30 years ago in the wake of the Watergate scandals to reduce the clout of special-interest money in presidential campaigns. The system provides significant amounts of public funds for primary elections and nearly full public financing for general elections. Public financing dramatically reduces the need for presidential candidates to seek money from special interests who want access to decision-makers in return.

This system worked -- until the election of 2000. Now it needs to be updated for modern elections. A fix is possible.

Write your elected officials in support of The Presidential Funding Act of 2006. When passed, The “Presidential Funding Act of 2006” will

  • Strengthen the existing publicly financed program;
  • Making the system financially viable for candidates in modern elections; and
  • Avoid a return of corrupting influences from rich, special-interest campaign “slush funds.”
Write now (use your own words for the most effective persuasion of your official).

March 21, 2019


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