Snakes on a Plane Ice Cream Brainstorm

On August 4, 2006, a group of Public Citizen staff/interns gathered to discuss the issues surrounding Snakes on a Plane and snakes on a plane. The result is the Ad Hoc Snakes on a Plane Division of Public Citizen.

The primary concerns/goals/issues raised at this gathering were:

Snake Related 




Snakes should enter US

So many snakes cause increased hardships for Public Citizen staff

Who are the snake allies?

PC facilities are not snake accessible

PC facilities should not be snake accessible










Same Sex Snake Marriage

Snakes coming in to US

Make alliances with the snakes people.

Don't ally with the snake people.











Constitutional Amendment to allow Same Sex Marriage

Education on the Constitution's allowing Same Sex Marriage as is

Sue the filmmakers for making Snakes on a Plane

Sue the filmmakers to force them to make more Snakes on a Plane and other Snakes on a movies.

GTW: Keep up tarriffs to stop snakes from entering country

Staff of Snakes on a Plane Division should get snake pay and benefits

PC facilities should be made snake accessible

PC facilities should be barricaded from snakes.


Samuel L.
Jackson (SLJ) Related








SLJ Made Horary President of Public Citizen

Propose Congressional Bill Honoring SLJ for dealing with the snakes on the plane issue (regardless of outcome in movie).

SLJ getting too much buzz.


 Too much suing  TSA Oversight


Sue someone

Class action suits

CMEP: deal with population issues involving snakes or not.

Phone Bank (no specific issue just phone bank)

no anti-semitic remarks


December 13, 2018


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