Security Is Crucial: Stop Interim Nuclear Storage
Write Your Reps: Protect Our Community

Sweeping and dangerous new changes are proposed for nuclear storage in the Senate version of the FY2007 Energy and Water Appropriations bill (H.R. 5427), which was passed by the Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Committee in June. 

If passed, if your state has a nuclear reactor, it may have to designate an additional  nuclear waste storage location. The safest option for storage over the next century is to safeguard the waste at the reactor sites.  Moving waste to yet another site in every state or to regional sites would not eliminate waste storage at operating reactor sites, nor improve security.  In addition, this proposal would give the DOE authority to site waste dumps over the objections of state and local governments.

Centralized “interim” storage is merely an illusion of a waste solution. Urge your Member of Congress to reject interim storage in the FY2007 Energy and Water Appropriations bill and support onsite storage with stringent security measures (please use this letter as a draft and personalize it -- you'll have a greater impact on your elected official).

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December 18, 2018


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