August 31, 2006

Take Action! Tell DEQ your concerns about new reactors at North Anna!

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The public meetings held two weeks ago on Dominion’s proposed construction of two new nuclear reactors at North Anna in Louisa County were successful on many points. Opponents to the proposed reactors were well represented and spoke about the negative impacts building new reactors will have on the lake, community, and region, and about the ability of renewable technologies to better meet our needs. Now DEQ needs to see these concerns in writing!

As we've mentioned before, the North Anna Power Station is already the largest water user in Louisa County. Building new reactors at Lake Anna will increase water evaporation and lower lake levels jeopardizing lake recreation, downstream fisheries, and supply of drinking water. New nuclear reactors at North Anna will also generate at least an additional 40 metric tons of nuclear waste per year, all of which is stored on site.

For more information on these issues and the concerns we brought up at the meeting, click here.

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December 13, 2018

CZMA Consistency Review North Anna

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