August 24, 2006

Take Action! Oppose new reactors in North Anna!

Make sure the NRC addresses our concerns about the devastating impacts of North Anna’s existing and proposed nuclear reactors!

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The public meetings held last week on Dominion’s proposed construction of two new nuclear reactors at North Anna in Louisa County was successful on many points. Opponents to the proposed reactors were well represented and spoke about the negative impacts building new reactors will have on the lake, community, and region. Nuclear reactors are not necessary to meet Virginia’s electricity needs. Renewable technologies can meet all of Virginia’s energy needs in the coming decades more safely, effectively and inexpensively than nuclear power.

Existing nuclear reactors at North Anna  generate at least 40 metric tons of nuclear waste per year, all of which is stored on site. No successful long-term solution for containing nuclear waste exists, and it is presently leaking and contaminating soil and ground water in several parts of the world. The NRC is responsible for insuring that Dominion's proposed nuclear reactors meet U.S. environmental and security standards. The NRC's analysis of Dominion's proposal is insufficient, essentially ignoring the pressing issues of plant security and waste management. These issues must be addressed and should be open to public input. If there is a problem in the future, nuclear waste will seriously affect central Virginia’s water and air.

Dominion's proposed nuclear reactors pose additional threats to local and regional water resources. Dominion's North Anna Power Station is already the largest water user in Louisa County. Building new reactors at Lake Anna will increase water evaporation and lower lake water levels jeopardizing lake recreation, downstream fisheries, and supply of drinking water. Dominion proposed a new hybrid cooling tower claiming it would reduce evaporation rates of the new reactor plan. These claims are unfounded. Hybrid cooling towers, in comparison with the originally proposed once through cooling system will equal or increase the overall amount of water lost to evaporation. DEQ should hold to the standards necessary to protect local water by requiring Dominion to use a dry cooling tower for both of the proposed reactors.

Virginia does not need nuclear or coal plants to meet its energy needs. Renewable resources can be harnessed effectively and reliably to meet all of Virginia’s energy needs without producing carbon emissions, radioactive waste, or other significant pollution.

For more information on these problems and Virginia’s renewable resources, see

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