Activist Spotlight: Anita de Palma

Anita de Palma


Anita de Palma is the Florida State Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). Her state chapter's resolution opposing the U.S.-Peru and Colombia FTAs was passed unanimously at the National LULAC Convention. You can use the form below to send a thank you to Anita and urge her to keep up the good work!


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Anita De Palma is the director of Florida Chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the nation’s oldest and largest Latino civil rights organization, and sits on the Executive Board of the Florida Fair Trade Coalition. 

During the struggle to stop the NAFTA expansion to Central America (CAFTA) last year, Anita played a key role with the Florida Fair Trade Coalition that lobbied members of Congress in Florida to oppose the agreement – helping to convince even stalwart free-trader Rep. Jim Davis (D-Tampa) to vote against the deal.

Anita, along with LULAC members around the country, was concerned about the increasingly poor track record of NAFTA in both Mexico and the United States. Not only had the agricultural provisions in NAFTA driven over a million small farmers off their land in Mexico, but the promised jobs south of the border were quickly disappearing to China where workers could be paid even less.  Wages and working conditions were stagnating on both sides of the border, and documented and undocumented immigration both surged.

When the Bush administration abandoned any pretense resolving the concerns raised by LULAC during the CAFTA fight – and began pushing a further NAFTA expansion to South America – Anita and members of the local LULAC/Labor chapter helped to pass a resolution at the Florida LULAC convention opposing these efforts and drawing a clear link between the failed NAFTA trade policies and increased immigration.

This July 1st, 2006, with Anita’s initiative, the Florida resolution was introduced and considered at the National LULAC Convention – and then approved unanimously! Read LULAC’s new national resolution opposing the Peru and Colombia NAFTA expansions, or download a pdf copy.

Anita was a concert pianist at 10 years of age, and a Broadway performer at the age of 12. By the time she was 20 she had performed around the globe.  At 21 she became an activist for civil rights, for the rights of women and the empowerment of Hispanics. In 2002, after a long storied career in politics and activism, Anita was named to LULAC Women’s Hall of Fame.

It is because of the activism of people like Anita, that the Bush administration is afraid to send the unpopular Peru and Colombia trade deals to a vote before the elections. While they could send the Peru NAFTA expansion to Congress in September (and yes, we have to be vigilant), the rumor is that the administration may instead try to push it through in a lame-duck session of Congress after the elections in November – when the fired and retired in Congress could vote with their next lobbying job, not their constituents, in mind.

If you haven’t yet, it’s critical that you join Anita and call on Congress to oppose the U.S.-Peru and U.S.-Colombia NAFTA expansions by signing our petition on NAFTA expansion and immigration.

After you’ve signed the petition, please take a moment to thank Anita for her leadership. You can use the form below to send her a note.


March 21, 2019

Thank you, Anita!

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