Activist Spotlight on Jerry Rosenthal

Meet Jerry -- he's protecting his community from nuclear threats.
Nuclear Activist
Jerry Rosenthal
has been actively involved for over 28 years with issues concerning the North Anna Nuclear Power Plant.

Meet Jerry Rosenthal: Jerry -- and other activists he has inspired -- are standing up to Dominion, the area's power company. Without their efforts, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency would be rubber stamping Dominion's plans and central Virginia would be a lot less safe.

Jerry, a fifth-generation Virginian, lives with his wife, Faye, on their 125-acre farm in Louisa County, Virginia.  They grow organic vegetables and have raised beef cattle and fish on the farm.  A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Jerry also owns a financial consulting business and is Administrator of the Louisa Medical Center.

A group he helped found in the late 1970s successfully fought the utility’s plans to transport nuclear waste from another nuclear plant for storage in Louisa.  Jerry has been steadfast -- and often alone -- in questioning and standing up to Dominion in a county where that utility is both the largest employer and the largest taxpayer.  He is currently on the Steering Committee of the People’s Alliance for Clean Energy (PACE), a Charlottesville-based group fighting Dominion’s plans for two new reactors at North Anna.

Jerry believes in and works for a sustainable and sensible future – especially through food production, energy, building, and living. Inspiring? We think so. If you do, too let him know. (You may edit the letter to your liking.)

March 23, 2019


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