American Families Face Escalating Gas Prices As Oil Companies

Rake In Strongest Profits In The Economy

You are paying sky-high prices at the gas pump because the barons of "big oil" have bushwacked the American people. With the help of major league lobbyists and the high-ranking politicians receptive to them, oil companies are earning enormous profits through a combination of anti-competitive practices - including market manipulation - made even easier by the wave of recent oil company mergers and the government's outrageously weak regulatory oversight.

Every time you buy gas, you know you are being price-gouged, but did you know that, for every gallon of gas you buy, you are being charged an extra 70 cents - at least - that is related purely to market speculation and not a function of supply-and-demand? The oil barons not only get away with this, they use their considerable influence to prevent the passage of meaningful fuel economy legislation, further squeezing consumers by ensuring automakers will continue to build gas-guzzling cars.

It may not be a conspiracy, but it is most definitely a travesty.  Tell your elected officials you refuse to be held hostage by the oil companies.  Tell them if they can not do the job, you will elect someone who will.  Tell them that you agree with Public Citizen's recommendations to reform America’s energy markets and to introduce and enforce the kind of fuel economy standards that will make a difference.

Public Citizen Outlines Energy Plan To Benefit Consumers, the Economy and the Planet

Click here to read Congressional testimony by Tyson Slocum, Energy Director

December 18, 2018


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