The White House decided to give Dudley a recess appointment. Click here to send a message to Congress that this is unacceptable... Congress must start investigations to make sure Dudley isn't putting us all at risk. The air we breathe depends on it!

Stop Susan Dudley
Disease ridden spinach is one symptom of an inadequate regulatory system. If Bush has his way, he'll be dismantling what's left of consumer protection. Keep your dinner table safe from sick food. Stop Susan Dudley now. She's Bush's secret weapon to end safety regulations

Bush and his administration are on the attack -- again -- against government accountability and the safety of Americans. This time it is with the nomination of Susan Dudley as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). OIRA may not have much name recognition, but it has enormous power over hard-won regulations designed to protect you on the job, in your homes and on the roads. It reviews everything from auto safety standards to limits on industrial chemicals and air and water pollutants.

Dudley has made it clear what she's about. As director of regulatory studies at the industry-funded Mercatus Center, she was a foe of countless environmental, health and safety rules. She:

  • opposed EPA’s attempts to keep arsenic out of drinking water and lower levels of disease-causing smog;
  • questioned NHTSA’s life-saving air bag regulations and the Department of Transportation’s hours-of-service rules, which are designed to keep sleep-deprived truck drivers off the roads; and
  • championed energy deregulation, which has led to skyrocketing prices.
You get the picture -- it's more of the same. Write your Senators and stop Susan Dudley now.

P.S. If you want the whole gruesome story, read Public Citizen's joint report with OMB Watch:
The Cost Is Too High: How Susan Dudley Threatens Public Protections. Click here for the .pdf.

Safety or money in the short-term -- which do you choose?
Public Citizen and OMB Watch have released the report: The Cost Is Too High: How
Susan Dudley Threatens Public Protections

and has launched a campaign to make the public and every member of Congress aware of how dangerous
Susan Dudley is.

December 18, 2018


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