Activist Spotlight on Rebecca Faris

Meet Rebecca: All-around activist
and Radio Show Host Rebecca Farris
has a weekly show in Richmond that covers local, state and national progressive issues. September's Activist of the Month, Jerry Rosenthal, was her guest September 26 -- they discussed clean energy alternatives to nuclear .
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Meet Rebecca Faris: Teacher, student, writer,  environmental/animal rights/social justice/women's rights/death penalty/anti-nuclear-pro-safe, sustainable energy/independent media/peace activist (whew!) since the Viet Nam War.

Raised in the 1950's, Rebecca didn't realize until a few years ago that there is no particular magic in the atom. Just like most other technologies from the past 100 years, nuclear reactors use the enormous heat from nuclear fission to generate steam that turns turbines that generate electricity. She is convinced that American engineers, American corporations, and the American government are brilliant enough, clever enough, and creative enough to invent methods for boiling water that don't involve thousands of tons of radioactive waste, the creation of material that can be used in nuclear weapons, increased terrorist threats, disease, and the toxic contamination of our soil, our air and our water! As if these weren't reasons enough to become an activist for a safe, sustainable energy future, Rebecca also is aware of the financial risk for each American citizen, since we, the people, are the insurers, under the provisions of the Price-Anderson Act, of these very complex, very dangerous, very expensive facilities.

Living within 30 miles of the two nuclear power plants at North Anna in central Virginia, Rebecca has been involved in the struggle to prevent Dominion Power from obtaining permits to build two more plants at this site. "I feel as if I'm fighting for my home, for my family, for the bluebirds, the oak trees, the mountains, for everything I love. The battle is for the future of the planet, nothing less. No new plants have been allowed for the last 30 years - we simply cannot go back to the madness of nuclear.  Industry always says that the possibility of an accident is small, but I say that the consequences of an accident are so devastatingly destructive that we can't accept even the most minute possibility of another Chernobyl. Talk of more nukes or coal plants or offshore drilling is totally irresponsible until we get really serious about conservation and energy efficiency.

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January 16, 2019


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