Take Action! Virginia Energy Conference Should Be Accessible to the Public!

October 12, 2006 

Urge Officials to Make Virginia Energy Conference Accessible to the Public!

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Next week an  "Energy Virginia Conference" will be held at the publicly-funded Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in Lexington, VA. The conference, sponsored by both state agencies and private companies, states its purpose as "to bring together a broad spectrum of stakeholders from the public and private sector [and to] offer an opportunity for public input into the a ten year Virginia Energy Plan". Workshops and presentations at the conference will cover topics ranging from coal technology, nuclear power, and landfill gas, to offshore wind.

Virginia is at a crossroads in determining its future energy policy. Large corporations want to go forward with short-sighted and polluting technologies, such as more nuclear power and conventional coal plants, while the people by and large support renewable technologies such as solar and wind being used to meet Virginia's needs.  

Despite the public funding of this conference, and its implied role in the development of the state's energy plan, the public has been effectively excluded from participating in it. The registration fee is several hundred dollars and there has been virtually no public notification. The only significant part of the two day conference open to the public is a "listening session" for an hour after the conference is over.

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