Get the Real Scoop on Doctors in Utah: Demand State Medical Board Website Enhancements

Researching your new doctor, medical institution or a suggested medical treatment is common practice in today's online world. You expect your state medical board Website to provide critical information on disciplinary actions for doctors or hospitals including:

  • Current standing of the action
  • Date of the action
  • The offense leading to the action
  • A detailed summary the action
  • The full text of the board order

As well as:

  • Information on medical malpractice
  • Criminal convictions
  • Federal disciplinary actions

A Public Citizen survey of state medical board Websites found them woefully lacking and thus the boards are depriving of us of an essential line of defense in our own health care. (Click here to see Public Citizen's report and to find out where your medical board is ranked.)

Our health and that of our families requires us to be our own advocates. Write now and demand that your state medical board Website provide current and crucial information on doctors, medical institutions and health care.

March 21, 2019


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