Protect Port Security – Tell Congress “NO” to PUFTA

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Even as GOP congressional leaders touted passage of (weak) port security legislation just before Congress left Washington for the elections, they were planning a back door attack on American port security.

Buried in the text of the proposed Peru-U.S. “free trade” agreement (PUFTA) are provisions that  would expose the U.S. government to law suits before international tribunals if Congress or the President again keeps certain foreign companies from running American ports. And, GOP leadership plans to force a vote on PUFTA in a lame-duck session of Congress just after congressional elections on November 7th – before a new Congress can take office.

We can stop this outrageous sneak attack if we pile on our Representatives right now in the week before the elections – when they are most sensitive to concern from their constituents – to get commitments that your representative will OPPOSE the PUFTA NAFTA expansion that carries this back door attack on American port security.

This form will send the letter to your Representative and to both of your Senators.

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December 16, 2018


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