Protect Our Nation's Athletes from Negligence

Victory!  HR 1176 has been rejected.

Not content to close the current legislative session without one more attempt to protect a narrow special interest, the House is preparing to take up consideration of H.R. 1176 — the Nonprofit Athletic Organization Protection Act.  This bill would threaten the health and safety of our nation's athletes — especially student and amateur athletes—by shielding athletic organizations from responsibility if they incorporate as a nonprofit.
H.R. 1176 would make nonprofit athletic organizations unaccountable regardless of whether or not their negligent acts resulted in serious injury to a student or amateur athlete — including Olympians.  Our athletes deserve better.
Public Citizen is speaking with members of Congress to insist that they reject this bill that would protect a narrow special interest at the expense of our nation’s athletes.  But we need your help!
Write your Representative now and tell them to protect the health and safety of America’s athletes and to reject H.R. 1176 — the Nonprofit Athletic Organization Protection Act.

January 17, 2019


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