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Lori Wallach -- Newly inspired by voters taking their trade concerns to the polls during the November elections -- will be presenting on the future of the U.S. trade and globalization at venues across the country in the Spring of 2007. Lori's focus will be alternatives to Fast Track -- the trade negotiating authority delegated to the Executive Branch and the key mechanism preventing improvement of U.S. trade deals, which sunsets
June 30, 2007.
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Greg Beck.

Part lobbyist, part policy wonk, part organizer, Wallach stumbled into her avocation a few years out of law school, when she was lobbying on food safety improvements for Public Citizen. "I'd be testifying at hearings about labeling or pesticides, and the industry lawyers would cite this or that trade agreement as the reason to lower standards." <

After studying heisted early drafts of WTO agreements and later NAFTA, Wallach came to believe that they would affect far more than trade. "These pacts contain a comprehensive set of trade and nontrade policies written by and for a very elite set of countries’ largest business interests," she says. Wallach launched Global Trade Watch in 1995.

Since then, she’s been on a mission to educate legislators on the finer details of globalization and trade. An energetic, hyperverbal personality, she’s a tireless public speaker who testifies before Congress and foreign parliaments, and debates corporate globalization proponents on television.

"The motto of the global justice movement is, 'A better world is possible'’" says the Wisconsin native, who points to her upbringing as a source of her drive. "There's this Jewish concept—Tikkun Olam—meaning to repair the world. We were raised to believe we had an obligation to make the world a better place and that being silent in the face of injustice was as bad as causing it."

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