Your Manager of Online Initiatives Gets Put into the Hall of Shame

I'm too embarrased to put up a real photograph.

Send me your thoughts on the failed election below.

Election Results Shocker

I get not one nor two lumps of coal but three. Your votes to send a deserving Member of Congress to the Hall of Shame were not counted appropriately.

Because you are important to me, I checked the voting tool once and it appeared to work. Before I sent it out to you, I spot checked it again and AGAIN and it seemed to work.

These were not sufficient safeguards on the online tool and it failed to adequately count your votes (everyone who got a yes, also got a no and everyone who got a no, also got a yes -- no small miscalculation).

Until there is a better procedure to induct, I'll be holding the spot in the Hall of Shame.

Please accept my apologies.

January 16, 2019


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