Tell Pelosi Congress Needs an Independent Ethics Agency

Speaker Pelosi has unveiled her lobbying and ethics reform package and we are happy to see many of the things from our wish list.  Once it passes, there will be a ban on gifts from lobbyists, a total ban on corporate jet travel, lobbyists will no longer be able to participate in Congressional travel, and earmarks will no longer be inserted into bills anonymously.  

These are all major changes, but their effect on curbing the "culture of corruption" will be severely limited if compliance is not monitored and there is no enforcement.  The one crucial piece that is missing is an independent Office of Public Integrity to monitor lobbyists and Congress to make sure no one is even bending the rules. 

Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.) has said she will set up a bipartisan task force to look into the need for a Office of Public Integrity. 

Please take a moment to edit the letter below telling Pelosi to set up a fair task force and why there should be an independent ethics agency to enforce all her great new reforms.

December 18, 2018


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