Activist Spotlight on Rachel Wetts

Meet Rachel: Activist and Intern
Activist and Intern
Rachel Wetts
has a page on the social networking site so she can stay in touch with friends who have gone off as far as Syria. She doesn't have an ipod and thinks they are the cause of albums becoming a lost art form. She is very good at pool and can be found shooting a few games with her friends in D.C. wherever there is a "Free Pool for Ladies Night."
During the day, she's supporting the efforts of the Global Trade Watch division and learning about how trade is affecting human rights abroad.
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Meet Rachel Wetts: While studying social psychology at Yale University, Rachel became interested in the subject of clean elections. With her computer and Google as tools, she found out about the work of Public Citizen. She stayed informed and engaged with our issues by signing up for our online newsletter.  A couple of years later, Rachel and her mother took a roadtrip from their home in Irvine, California to get Rachel to her internship -- here at Public Citizen in D.C. 

Rachel's initation to Public Citizen was through our Congress Watch group but it is her newfound passion for fair trade that got her interested in the work of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch division. After a class on globalization, Rachel realized that free trade was doing damage to people around the world. She visited the Dominican Republic and spent time with the farmers there asking questions about their lives before the free trade policies went into effect. Her paper was published in the Journal of Latin American Studies.

When she graduated, Rachel went back to her family home in California and worked in an organic restaurant serving up vegetarian spinach lasagna and spaghetti with tofu balls. With portable skills as a waitress, she found a job in D.C. where she makes enough tips in two nights to support herself in a shared apartment with a friend of hers. 

Rachel's goals are to be a trade researcher and maybe some day a trade policy advisor. Her vision for the world is to see everyone treated respectfully.

Know someone like Rachel who would like to make a contribution to Public Citizen and learn about going online with grassroots advocacy? Tell them about our Online Initiatives Internship.

December 18, 2018


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