Close the Bundling Loophole

It's no secret that lobbyists currently hold fundraisers and direct gobs of cash to both candidates and elected officials. What is secret is just how much cash is collected by lobbyists. Currently, they collect or arrange for cash to be sent to federal officeholders, candidates, leadership PACs and party committees. This funneling of money is called "bundling," and the Senate's new bill requires disclosure of this money in its lobbying and ethics reform bill.

Members of the House of Representatives are drafting their reform bill now - and disclosure of "bundling" must be included in the bill.

A bundling disclosure provision is important because this information is vital for the public to understand the major role that lobbyists play in Congress and the White House. If the House does not include it, a huge loophole will be left open for lobbyists to influence (and possibly corrupt) Congress members.

Reps. Van Hollen and Meehan have introduced a bill that matches the bundling disclosure provision already passed by the Senate (H.R. 633). This is a good start and their bill should be incorporated into the comprehensive lobbying reform bill being drafted in the House. But they shouldn't stop there.

Congress should, after the ethics and lobbying reform bill is enacted, move to require all candidates and party committees to be completely transparent. All the details of money being bundled for a campaign should be disclosed: showing who's bundling whom - and how much is bestowed upon a candidate.

Tell your representative to support the full disclosure of "bundling" done by lobbyists as a great first step!

Please take a minute to personalize the letter below to your representative. The public needs to know how to follow the money...

December 13, 2018


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