Call Congress Now: Oppose Bush's 'Free Trade' Push

Fast Track – the outdated, outrageous law that Richard Nixon cooked up to take away Congress’ constitutional authority over trade policy – is expiring on June 30, 2007. 

Surprise, surprise.  President Bush wants Congress to hand him a blank check of more Fast Track so he can do more of the same NAFTA-style deals for his big corporate buddies...even while he won't fix the problems Democrats have identified with the deeply flawed Peru, Colombia and Panama NAFTA expansion deals that could soon be up for a vote.

TAKE ACTION: Call the U.S. Capitol at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your representative. Then call again for each of your Senators.

Don't know who your representative is?

When you reach your representative's office, ask to speak to the person who handles trade issues, then:

1) Tell them you oppose FAST TRACK and the expansion of NAFTA to Peru, Colombia, and Panama.

2) Ask for your representative's position on Fast Track and the NAFTA deals. Ask for a written statement of their position to be sent you by email or regular mail.

3) Use some of the talking points below; if you have a local or personal story that shows the damage caused by a bad trade agreement, use it to illustrate your concerns.

Talking Points on Fast Track and the NAFTA Expansion to Peru and Colombia

*More NAFTA will be bad for our economy. With the highest trade deficit ever, and ever more outsourcing, we can't afford any more NAFTA-like trade deals. We need to change this broken trade model! Oppose Fast Track!

*FAST TRACK can't be fixed. It must be rejected. It is ridiculous that Congress is barred from deciding the contents of trade pacts and kept from voting on something as important as NAFTA or WTO only until after the agreement is signed. Under Fast Track, Congress gives away their constitutional authority over trade policy to President Bush. Who would consider trusting Bush with any more authority?

*The Peru and Colombia trade deals will increase drug trafficking and instability. The NAFTA-style agreements will undermine the livelihoods of small farmers throughout the Andean region and force them into last-resort cultivation of coca for cocaine production, leading to an increase in drug trafficking, terrorism and violence.

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January 17, 2019


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