Don't Mess With Texas Renewables: Repeal Subsection (m)

Don’t Mess With Texas Renewables:
Repeal Subsection (m)
The House Subcommittee on Renewable Energy will consider H.B. 1282, repealing subsection (m), Thursday, March 22. The full House Committee on Regulated Industries could vote on HB 1282 as early as next Tuesday, March 27.
 Please call or write the Committee members and ask them to protect the Texas renewable energy market, and your right to contribute to that market, by supporting HB 1282 to repeal Subsection (m).
The problem in a nutshell: In 2005, the Texas Legislature passed SB 20 to increase renewable energy in Texas. However, a provision of that law known as “Subsection (m)” messes with the renewable energy market in Texas by preventing Texans from voluntarily increasing the amount of renewable energy in the state, thus capping the amount of renewable energy demand.
 Currently, when consumers voluntarily purchase green power – electricity from renewable energy sources – their purchases increase the amount of demand for renewable energy in the state. With Subsection (m), rather than consumers’ green power purchases increasing renewable energy demand in Texas, they will only reduce the amount of renewable energy that electric providers are required to purchase to meet the state goal in the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Voluntary green power purchases will have zero effect on renewable energy in Texas.

The intent of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) was to set a floor for renewable energy in Texas. Subsection (m) turns it into a cap.

RenewablesWithoutSubsectionMRenewablesWithSubsectionMDon't let Subsection (m) Mess With Texas Renewables:Ask Your Legislator To Support HB 1282 to Repeal Subsection (m)

January 16, 2019


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