Stop NAFTA Expansion - Fight for Fair Trade

We have 14 days to stop NAFTA expansion to Central America through the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).  Expand job loss, environmental disaster, trade deficits and closed door trade tribunals trumping our public interest laws? No way!

Congress needs to hear from you right away:  We need 5,000 calls by July 29th to win!

**Call the Capitol switchboard toll free 1-800-839-5276 or look online to find your Representative.**

Get more details on CAFTA here

When you call:

  1. Ask to speak to the trade staffer, chief of staff or legislative director.
  2. Tell them you are a constituent and want to know your Rep's position on CAFTA.
  3. If the Rep is opposed to the agreement and will vote against it, thank him/her. Ask your Rep to make his/her opposition public. Always ask for a letter to you stating his/her position.
  4. If the Rep is undecided, ask your Rep why and when they are planning on taking a position. Let them know that you oppose CAFTA (any personal stories related to how NAFTA hurt your region are helpful) and urge them to vote no when CAFTA comes up.
  5. If the Rep is for CAFTA, urge them to reconsider. Inform the office that you intend to spread the word that the Rep is voting against their interests.


No time to call? Email your Representative below.
Please edit; personalizing the letter gives it far more weight!

January 17, 2019


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