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Dear Citi'zine Editrix: Based on Congressional staff needs, what should our suggested letters to Members of Congress include? Signed, Staff Happy

Dear Staff Happy: It's your lucky day, the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) JUST released a report with those details. The top five requested elements of a suggested letter are:

  • Specific legislation reference
  • Bill number and title
  • Impact of legislation on district/state
  • Constituent's reason for support/opposition
  • Transparency that PC generated the campaign

See what else staff wants or check out the entire report. Aloha, Citi'zine Editrix (CzE)

Dear CzE: Blogs -- what's the rumpus? Signed, Blog Fog

Dear BF: Blogs are online diaries -- or Web logs and mine got hacked by the Secret Police but that's another story.  Some say blogs represent the democratization of the media and even the Washington Post is reviewing them. Geeks in-the-know tell us that not everyone will read blogs but that an important subset of people known as 'influentials' will. When our own Jessia Kutch creates a blog entry on behalf of Public Citizen, she's getting the word out to people who are politically active and have an impact on their colleagues, friends and community.  Stay tuned for Congress Watch's own blog -- you won't want to miss a single word.  Aloha, CzE P.S. Are you thinking, "If blogs are so groovy, why is this column not part of a blog?" If so, ask me why and I'll give you a pretty good reason why. 

Dear CzE: Give me something I can use, like a naming convention for Campaigns and e-mails in our new DiA sytem. Signed, Master of Order and Organization

Dear MOO: Your reference name should be:

3 letters denoting your department:your 3 initials: mm/dd/yy: campaign description: elected officials targetted.  If it's for an e-mail, it should also include the list it went to.  Think: PO:JZC:07/14/05:ComeClean:Bush:All. Aloha, CzE

Private message to Acronym Addict: AA, I know it's tough to keep acronyms and bill numbers out of the subject line, that's why I'm here. Call me when you feel an inside-the-beltway headline coming on.  I can help.  Really.  Aloha, CzE 202/454-5117  
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December 13, 2018


Dear Citi'zine Editrix

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