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Picture of Grand Gulf ReactorThe U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is accepting public input on whether or not to approve a permit to site up to two new nuclear reactors at Entergy Corp.'s Grand Gulf nuclear plant in Mississippi.  Even though a final decision won't be made for another year, this is one of the last chances to directly influence whether the permit is issued or not - under federal law, the NRC must respond to all the points made in all the public's comments.  It's also your chance to tell the agency it's permitting requirements are too lax!  Entergy doesn't have to explain what it will do with all the nuclear waste in the long term, nor is the company required to address security issues. 

Send in your comments today - the deadline is Thursday, July 14!  You can either use the prepared comments below or make it more personal by editing the letter yourself.  Writing your own is more effective (even better if you will write them out by hand and mail them!) but adding your voice to the chorus is better than not being heard at all.

To mail, send comments to:
Chief, Rules and Directives Branch
Division of Administrative Services
Office of Administration
Mailstop T-6D59
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC  20555-0001
Re: Comments on NUREG-1817, 70 FR 81, pp. 22155-22156

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December 13, 2018

Comments on NUREG-1817, 70 FR 81, pp. 22155-22156

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