This alert is no longer active: No More Factory Farms!

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Factory farms, or concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), house hundreds to thousands of animals on a small area of land, with little or no access to sunlight, fresh air or room for natural movement. The vast quantity of manure these industrial facilities produce contaminates surface and groundwater, which can cause massive fish kills and disease outbreaks via drinking water. Additionally, factory farms create antibiotic resistance to common antibiotics used to treat human infections. Toxic fumes from these animal facilities create horrible stenches that drive people inside their homes, and are linked to asthma and bronchitis in farm workers. Finally, factory farms drive small family farms out of business. For these reasons, we need a national moratorium on new and expanding factory farms. Urge your Senator and Congressmember to work for and support a CAFO moratorium!

January 17, 2019


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