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Imagine that you live in a family of six.  If your home were a microcosm of the world population today, someone in your family wouldn’t have access to safe drinking water.  Another wouldn’t have enough clean water for cooking and bathing.  Water should be freely available as a human right. But, more than a billion people, mostly in the global south, lack access to clean water. The United Nations estimates that if current trends continue, by 2025, more than two-thirds of the world’s population will not have enough access to water.  Meanwhile, an estimated 6,000 children die each day from preventable water-borne diseases.

Suez—one of the world’s largest private suppliers of water and sanitation services—has positioned itself to profit from the human suffering in the growing global water crisis.  Suez’s documented history of price gouging, cut-offs and negligent management has caused dramatic increases in water bills and left thousands of people without access to potable water, from Atlanta, Georgia to El Alto, Bolivia. 

Activists from around the world are directly challenged Suez as the corporation’s annual shareholders’ meeting convenes in Paris, France in May 2005.  Representatives from social movements around the world attended the meeting to challenge the harmful and exploitative projects and policies of Suez.  There were also peaceful marches and protests in front of the offices of Suez and its subsidiaries in numerous cities around the world including Buenos Aires, Quito, La Paz, London, Montevideo, Manila, Rome, Santiago and many others.  In the US, activists delivered a letter signed by more than 50 organizations to United Water, a North American subsidiary of Suez.
Take action now to join with the growing global movement that recognizes water as a human right and that challenges Suez’s irresponsible and dangerous actions around the world.  Send a letter to the CEO of Suez NOW!

January 16, 2019



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