Urge Your Senators and Representative to Support Vehicle Safety in the Highway Transportation Bill!

Ask your senators and representative today to support motor vehicle safety provisions in the Senate-passed version of the highway transportation bill, H.R. 3. The Senate’s version of the bill includes a number of auto safety improvements, which would set standards to make vehicle roofs stronger, prevent vehicle rollovers, avoid occupant ejections and make vehicles safer for children, among a number of other improvements.

The Senate’s version of H.R. 3 would help make these critical vehicle safety features standard for all consumers – not merely those who can afford expensive add-ons to their luxury vehicles. Unfortunately, the House did not approve a similar bill.

These standards are necessary. The U.S. Department of Transportation projects there were 42,800 highway deaths in 2004, an increase over 2003 fatalities. In addition, there were almost 3 million injuries in crashes during 2004. These deaths and injuries cost the country not just in lives lost, but in dollar figures – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that highway crashes cost society $230.6 billion a year.

A broad coalition of medical, health, safety, consumer and child advocacy groups, insurers and auto safety equipment manufacturers support these standards. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers also has come out neutral concerning the bill, according to an April 18, 2005, article in Automotive News.

Tell your senators and representative to contact Rep. Barton and tell him how about these essential motor vehicle safety provisions. Time is of the essence!

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December 16, 2018


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