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"A democracy can die of too many lies." -- Bill Moyers

Activist SpotlightActivist Carlos Gomez

Union leader Carlos Gomez survived attempt on his life, now works for fair trade

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Take Two: Recommended Actions

  • Stop another energy company giveaway. Congress may allow them to abandon their rigs AND allow fish farms to anchor from those same rigs, leaving chemicals and fish waste to pollute the waters and get passed on to you. Write Congress.
  • 3051 activists wrote to demand hearings on why we went to war. Join them by writing now or spread the word.

Outrage of the Week:
Global Trade Watch Organizer David Edeli went to Argentina for the Summit of the Americas. Hear about the 'hornet's nest' Bush encountered. Click here.
 (mp3 file). Tell your local editor to cover trade issues fairly.

Who's Paying for DeLay's Defense? Energy companies, members of Congress, more. Get details in our Press Room.

Will Consumers Get Justice From the Lower Courts? Injury victims got a 'smashing success' in a recent Supreme Court decision. Find out what Public Citizen's Brian Wolfman predicts for the lower courts. (.pdf)

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