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Give the Gift of Health this Holiday

Give your family and friends the means to protect themselves from dangerous drugs by giving them the 2005 edition of Worst Pills, Best Pills book this holiday season.

With over 2 million copies sold, Worst Pills, Best Pills is one of the most popular and most trusted consumer drug guides. Inside you’ll find profiles for 538 drugs, Public Citizen’s “Do Not Use” list of 181 drugs, and more—all written in accessible, “plain English."

Worst Pills, Best Pills may not be the most glamorous gift you give -- but with over 100,000 Americans seriously harmed or killed every year by dangerous drugs and drug interactions, it’s the most caring gift you’ll give this season.
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You know how dedicated we are to protecting consumers from corporate and government abuses that place corporate profits over Americans' health and safety. For 35 years, Public Citizen has been protecting consumers from unsafe drugs.

Recognizing the need for a trusted source of drug information, we published our first edition of Worst Pills, Best Pills in 1988 and in 2005 we released the fourth edition.

What’s inside:

  • 538 drug profiles
  • 181 popular drugs we’ve listed as “Do Not Use” 
  • 195 drugs that should be used only in certain situations
  • Over 900 fact-filled pages
  • Detailed listings of adverse effects, warnings, alternatives to unsafe drugs, interactions and more
  • Generic and brand names
  • Drugs that can induce disease-like symptoms
  • Ways to save money on drugs

Giving Worst Pills, Best Pills this holiday season will let your loved ones know how much you care about their health and safety. And they’ll think about you every time they look up their medications in Worst Pills, Best Pills.
In order for your gift copy to be delivered by December 24th, you must order by November 30th.

Don’t wait. Order now by clicking on www.citizen.org/holiday2005   

Perfect companion to this website - the 2005 edition of the bestselling book Click here to get yours today!
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