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Activist Troy Cornock

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If you had told me 10 years ago I'd be on Capitol Hill, telling people about my own personal finances, I?d have laughed. But the reason this regular guy from New Hampshire, Troy Cornock, came down here is no laughing matter . . .continued

Activist Lisa Lipin

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Lisa Lipin, a mother and consumer advocate says, "It is high time that the administration put people before profit!" Learn more about her and see her published letter in our Watchdog Blog.

High-flying activist Ray Cellura

Meet Ray

In the spotlight -- activist Ray Cellura

Student, Activist, Intern Margaret Kwoka

Meet Margaret

In the spotlight -- intern Margaret Kwoka

Union organizer and Activist Jos? Shiffino

Meet Jos?

In the spotlight -- activist Jose Shiffino

Activist, Professor Dr. Irene Leech

Meet Irene

Meet Irene

Activist and Intern Rachel Wetts

Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel

Activist Christina Lizzi

Meet Christina

Meet Christina Lizzi

Activist Suzie Canales

Meet Suzie

Suzie Canales

Fair Trade Activist Anita de Palma

Meet Anita

Meet Anita de Palma

Activist/Radio Show Host Rebecca Faris

Meet Activist
Rebecca Faris

Meet Rebecca Faris

Nuclear Activist Jerry Rosenthal

Meet Nuclear Activist
Jerry Rosenthal

Jerry Rosenthal

Trade Activist David Kane

Meet Trade Activist
David Kane

David Kane

Utility Rate Hike Activist Sonja Merchant-Jones

Meet Activist
Sonja Merchant-Jones

Meet Sonja Merchant-Jones

Energy Intern Shakuntala Makhijani

Meet Shakuntala

Meet Shakuntala Makhijani

Fair Trade Activist Viola Casares

Meet Viola Casares

Meet Viola Casares

Fair Trade Activist Sister Noemi Peregrino Gonzalez

Meet Sister Noemi Peregrino Gonzalez

Meet Sister Noemi

Corruption Fighter
Cris Felman

Meet Cris Feldman

Meet Chris

Global Trade Watch Activist Pat Carleton

Meet Pat Carleton

Meet Pat

Nuclear Activist Elena Day

Meet Elena

Nuclear Activist Elena Day

Global Trade Watch Activist Kari Koch

Meet Kari Koch

Trade Activist Kari Koch

Auto Safety Activist Lawrence Harris

Meet Rev. Lawrence Harris

Auto Safety Activist Rev. Lawrence Harris

Union Organizer and Free Trade Activist Carlos Gomez

Meet Carlos

Trade Activist Carlos Gomez

Auto Activist Connie Godowns

Meet Connie Godowns

Auto Activist Connie Godowns

Stop Corporate Water Grab Activist Paul Marin

Meet Paul Marin

Stop corporate water grab activist Paul Marin

CAFTA Activist Dannette Sharpley

Meet Dannette

Meet activist Dannette Sharpley