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Citizen Direct 40 - January 15, 2009: It's the spotlight on health edition! Take action and tell Obama to deliver on his toy safety and fair trade promises, and read about our new research on potential risks with erectile dysfunction drugs. Plus, read The Wall Street Journal profile of the director of our Health Research Group, Dr. Sidney Wolfe. Click here.

Citizen Direct 39 - December 5, 2008: It's the "Change is Coming" edition! See highlights from the past year, including the year in photos, our activists' top 2008 achievements, and top Public Citizen news stories. Plus, read about our campaign for a Citizens' Agenda during the Obama administration. Click here.

Citizen Direct 38 - November 7, 2008 It's the post-election edition! Sign our petition urging Warren Buffett to shut down UniStar and cancel its plans to use taxpayer money to back four new nuclear reactors,  read our statement on Obama's election and what now needs to be done, plus read about our petiton to the FDA to immediately ban Avandia, a drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes. Click here.
Citizen Direct 37 - October 1, 2008 It's the financial bailout edition! Check out our spotlight on our campaign to put the interests of Main Street first in a financial bailout package. Also, take action on our petition to protect government whistleblowers and learn about the press conference we held on the importance of a new, improved vehicle roof strength standard. Plus, check out Citizen Direct's new design! Click here. 

Citizen Direct 36 - September 2, 2008 It's the political partying edition! Help us in our campaign to kick corporations out of Congressional campaigns, and check out our spotlight on the national party conventions. Also, learn about the film "Battle in Seattle," which documents the uprising that forced the collapse of the WTO's 1999 Seattle ministerial, and learn about our Litigation Group's latest pre-emption win. Plus, get Texas' take on helping communities fight big coal. Click here.

Citizen Direct 35 - August 1, 2008 Find out what our Texas office and Robert Redford are doing to fight big coal, learn how you can help protect government whistleblowers, read about key consumer wins for auto and product safety, a new report on how arbitration harms consumers, who to blame for oil price hikes, plus news on our new Texas office blog! Click here.

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Citizen Direct 34 - July 1, 2008 Urge your representatives and senators to co-sponsor landmark trade legislation, learn about a victory for the free speech rights of bloggers, read Public Citizen Joan Claybrook's column in USA Today about the need to purge lobbyists from political campaigns, see our notes to Obama and McCain about campaign finance reform, plus get our take on America's Climate Security Act. Click here.

Citizen Direct 33 - June 1, 2008 Tell your representatives to promote safety and resist putting super-sized trucks on our roads, read about our victory in a case in which an eBay vendor earns the right to resell software, participate in our new Pass the Torch campaign, learn about our involvement in Dennis Quaid's testimony to Congress about the dangers of mislabeled drugs, plus learn about a class action settlement regarding kitchen stoves purchased at Sears. Click here

Citizen Direct 32 - May 1, 2008 Call on Congress to support fair elections, read about a fast-food calorie labeling rule in New York City, see our comments to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on auto industry profits, help the Senate go digital, get all the information on the Fast Track treatment in the Columbia FTA, plus read our annual ranking of state medical boards. Click here

Citizen Direct 31 - April 1, 2008 Tell Congress to clean house at the EPA, say "no" to expanding the NAFTA trucking program, discover Citizen Vox, Public Citizen's new "voice" on the Web, learn about what we did for Sunshine Week, learn about the decision on the lawsuit against, find out why the situation at the FDA has never been worse, plus find out why you should care about trade-related job loss. Click here.

Citizen Direct 30 - March 5, 2008 Urge the Senate to pass tough consumer law, tell your Senator to support renewable energy, read about the grass-roots campaign for fair trade, learn how the FDA's Botox warning falls short, read about how Sears must stabilize 4 million dangerous stoves, plus learn how the Consumer Product Safety Commission is failing to do its job. Click here.

Citizen Direct 29 - December 14, 2007 Protect kids and consumers, see Public Citizen's Craig Holman turn gloom into boon, check out the award winning YouTube video by Public Citizen's Barbara Holzer, Public Citizen defends your Internet free speech, could your civil rights be considered a barrier to trade? Thank you activists and more. Click here.

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Citizen Direct 28 - November 20, 2007 Act now for fuel economy standards, Public Citizen activists make waves, Public Citizen and consumers get big environmental win, what's in your kids' toy chest? And more. Click here.

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Citizen Direct 27 - October 9, 2007 Put the brakes on Bush/NAFTA trucks program, support our fight against Bush secrecy, beware: your credit card may trap you into binding mandatory arbitration, Public Citizen Health Clinic, close CAFTA vote shows failure of NAFTA model, Public Citizen attorney Paul Levy: It's outrageous that the Video Professor is suing his own customers, activist spotlight: Troy Cornock, a consumer victimized by binding mandatory arbitration, testifies. And more. Click here.

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Citizen Direct 26 - September 10, 2007 Stop your tax dollars from guaranteeing risky nuclear investments, Vice President Cheney's high-level conspiracy exposed, why a medical device's label may be dangerous, questions to and and answers from Public Citizen staff, presidential candidates need to kick the lobbying habit, Bush administration ignores public safety, is there a Barbie in your house? And more. Click here.

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Citizen Direct 25 - August 3, 2007 (new design!)See Public Citizen on YouTube, Hot from the Hill: Big Win on lobby reform, congratulations activists! Find out how activist Lisa Lipin got published, is your dinner safe? Fair Traders are more beautiful. Ask a Public Citizen Staffer (this Energy Program Director Tyson Slocum ist taking questions), find out about the newly launched White House for Sale, hold the pickles not the calorie count, Public Citizen Health Clinic, Public Citizen stands against guarantees to nuclear companies, more. Click here.

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Citizen Direct 25 - August 3, 2007
Spotlight on high flying activist Ray Cellura, visit Public Citizen's Health Clinic for good health policy leading to good personal health, Big Oil flexed, coal companies pressured, the Senate caved, you could lose: Tell your representative to fix the energy bill, take action to stop trade agreements from dictating to social security programs, hear Energy Director Tyson Slocum's outrage about high utility costs, Appellate Court fails to uphold basic Constitutional principle, Congress Watch Director Laura MacCleery discusses President Bush?s new counselor, more. Click here.

Meet Activist Ray Cellura

Citizen Direct 23 - April 29, 2007
Spotlight on activist/intern Margaret Kwoka, Public Citizen lends a hand to the underdog, activists take action on nuclear reprocessing and demand real ethics and lobbying reform, dangers of Killer Stoves revealed, find out how your state ranks for Medicaid, get the real story on Congress in the newly launched Watchdog Blog, Public Citizen along with labor and environmental groups sues the federal government about an illegal pilot program, more. Click here.

Meet Intern Margaret Kwoka

Citizen Direct 22 - March 30, 2007
Spotlight on activist/organizer Jos? Shiffino, Bush doesn't need MORE free reign -- stop recess appointments and weigh in on giving him enhanced trade powers, hear Bob Shull's outrage about why Susan Dudley, find out why you may be getting taken for a ride and who you elected to the Public Citizen Ethics Hall of Shame, more. Click here.

Meet Activist and Organizer Jose Shiffino

Citizen Direct 21 - February 26, 2007

Spotlight on Activist Dr. Irene Leech, close the bundling loophole and stop dangerous nuclear waste reprocessing, see Kate's first Youtube and find out about a pill no one should be taking, victory for hurricane evacuees, Craig Holman is outraged about ethics in the executive branch, join other great minds in consumer justice, check out the nominees to Public Citizen Ethics Hall of Shame, more. Click here.

Meet Activist Dr. Irene Leech

Citizen Direct 20 - January 26, 2007
Spotlight on activist/intern Rachel Wetts, get the scoop (plus 60-seconds of outrage and truth) on the REAL state of the Union, protect your pocketbook and expose fake grassroots groups, find out what happens when a frequent flyer is discrimnated against and Public Citizen steps in. Get details about the Great Medical Malpractice Hoax and how to get a cool billion dollars, more. Click here.

Meet Activist/Intern Rachel Wetts

Citizen Direct 19 - December 28, 2006
Spotlight on activist and student Christina Lizzi, find out why Carol took drastic action and who got three lumps of coal, write the new Speaker of the House, Greg Beck went from Microsoft to defending your online rights and has predictions for 2007, Dr. Wolfe speaks out about Hormone Replacement Therapy, consumers pay more for "hot fuel," watch Joan Claybrook on CSPAN, more. Click here.

Meet Activist Christina Lizzi

Citizen Direct 18 - November 30, 2006
Spotlight on Energy Activist Suzie Canales, get trade secrets from Lori Wallach, hear Tyson Slocum's outrage and then stop the lame-duck Congress from passing off-shore drilling, hold the incoming Speaker of the House to her promise, Court blasts FEMA, Public Citizen blasts FDA on breast implants, Public Citizen defends fragile Internet privacy and more. Click here.

Meet Activist Suzie Canales

Citizen Direct 17 - October 27, 2006
Spotlight on Trade Activist Anita de Palma, see how your state rates for providing online medical board information, check out and see what the fired and retired of Congress are planning, take action to stop pollution and write your local editor about the importance of trade issues to your community, listen in as David Edeli outrages about the lame-duck Congress and then hear his plan to take them on with your help, an environmental protest gets help from Public Citizen and see how polution can be decreased 70 to 80 percent. Click here.

Meet Activist Anita de Palma -- she's scaring Bush and Congress.

Citizen Direct 16 - September 29, 2006
Spotlight on Activist and radio show host Rebecca Faris, President Joan Claybrook on Washington corruption, over 300 candidates take the Pledge, Stop Susan Dudley alert flies to the top, demand safety from nuclear waste storage, Tyson is outraged that gas prices are dropping as elections near, Katrina victims have Public Citizen on their side against FEMA, genetic testing needs oversight, more. Click here.

Meet Activist Radio Show Host Rebecca Faris

Citizen Direct 15 - August 31, 2006
Spotlight on Nuclear Activist Jerry Rosenthal, President Joan Claybrook in TIME, Primer on How to Be a Super Activists, Sneak Preview from Public Citizen's Energy Guru, Battling Peru NAFTA, What's in Our Movie Queue & Welcome Seth, Greg Beck Podcasts on Defending Intenet Free Speech and more. Click here.

Meet Jerry Rosenthal

Citizen Direct 14 - July 28, 2006
Spotlight on Activist David Kane, Whatever Happened to Lynn Hargis, Stop More Drilling and Over-Consumption, Hear Deborah James on the World Trade Organization Talks Collapsing, Wal-Mart Continues to Try to Stomp on Free Speech, Public Citizen is Defending Free Speech -- Offline and Online. Click here.

Meet David Kane

Citizen Direct 13 - June 23, 2006
Spotlight on Activist Sonja Merchant-Jones, June 27 is Clean Money Day, Logic Puzzles: No Solution, Stop Nuclear Reprocessing, new development proposal bad for less-developed, Public Citizen has game. Click here.

Meet Sonja

Citizen Direct 12 - May 24, 2006
Spotlight on Energy Intern Shakuntala Makhijani, Must-See Cinema, protect human rights, attention consumers, artists, small business owners, lobbyists cost taxpayers billions and Joan Claybrook is outraged, Energy Director Tyson Slocum is in disbelief, find out how Public Citizen's litigators protect your free speech. Click here.

Meet Viola Shakuntala

Citizen Direct 11 - April 27, 2006
Spotlight on Fair Trade Activist Sister Noemi; What did the president know and when did he know it? Best/Worst: Check Your State Medical Board Ranking, Public Citizen wins big Constitutional case, Tyson Slocum outrages on gas prices, fights for your right to information, actions to stop the masquerade and reduce poverty in Latin America. Click here.

Meet Sister Noemi

Citizen Direct 10 - March 31, 2006
Spotlight on Fair Trade Activist Viola Casares; stop stomping on free speech, Wal-Mart; prevent utility cost skyrocketing; Public Citizen fights for your right to information, Craig Holman outrages on lobby reform "do-nothings", more. Click here.

Meet Viola Casares

Citizen Direct 9 - February 24, 2006
Spotlight on Corruption Fighter Cris Feldman, PCAN 11 (top performing alerts) and issue updates, sign the security petition, demand Bush release the Abramoff photos, National Call Out Corruption Day, Gordon Clark is outraged. Click here.

Cris Feldman

Citizen Direct 8 - January 27, 2006
Spotlight on Global Trade Watch Activist Pat Carleton, Public Citizen's Texas Office Takes their Health/Safety tour on the road, podcast from Joan Claybrook, Congress Watch Director Frank Clemente is outraged, more. Click here.

Activist Pat Carleton

Citizen Direct 7 - December 21, 2005
Spotlight on Global Trade Watch activist Kari Koch, successes from Texas, Congress Watch and Auto safety, Scott Nelson is outraged about Bush spying and lying, more. Click here.

Activist Kari Koch

Citizen Direct 6 - December 7, 2005
Spotlight on nuclear activist Elena Day, Intern Honors for Public Citizen intern Mary Potorti, Gordon Clark has a holiday outrage, more. Click here.

Activist Elena Day

Citizen Direct 5 - November 23, 2005
Spotlight on Auto activist Rev. Lawrence Harris, Energy Program Director Tyson Slocum is outraged about taxes on big oil, meet Lynn Hargis, Energy volunteer, more. Click here.

Spotlight on Rev. Harris

Citizen Direct 4 - November 9, 2005Activist Carlos Gomez, Kudos from Congress Watch's Gordon Clark, Outrage from Argentina, more. Click here.


Spotlight on Carlos Gomez

Citizen Direct 3 - October 24, 2005Auto Safety activist Connie Godowns, Staff on Your Behalf Tyson Slocum on Energy, President Joan Claybrook is outraged about special interests hijacking the government, more. Click here.


Activist Connie Godowns

Citizen Direct Issue 2 - October 19, 2005Water activist Paul Marin, does your District suffer from CAFTA?, we're watching out for you, more. Click here.


Paul Marin in the spotlight

Citizen Direct Premiere Issue - October 12, 2005Spotlight on CAFTA activiste Dannette Sharpley, Joan invites you to Name the Action Center, Outrage on DeLay -- still in power, more. Click here.


Activist Dannette Sharpley