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There is nothing beyond the reach of ordinary citizens doing the daily work of democracy, and no problem too great to tackle with the power of active citizenship. Joan Claybrook, President of Public Citizen

Activist SpotlightActivist Spotlight -- 

Meet "Vote No on CAFTA" Activist Dannette Sharpley

Want Your Name Here? Send us your account of winning at the grassroots.

Blown out of Kansas, Dorothy Gale observed: "My, people come and go so quickly here!" Find out just how fast your elected officials come and go (and which special interest lures them to outlandish incomes) with Public Citizen's new expose site Lobbyinfo.org.

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Take Two: Recommended Actions   

Outrage of the Week:
DeLay! Can you believe it? He's still in power, still twisting arms, still getting bad legislation passed. Get more details and get him out. 
Check out citizen outrage in the DeLay Outrage Center. In our first broadcast, you can hear the outrage as field director Gordon Clark sounds off. (mp3 file)

Lives Saved! Vehicle Safety Improvements Made Law. Miss it in the Media? Learn More in Our Press Room

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