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Together we can make a difference. - Joan Claybrook, President of Public Citizen

Activist SpotlightActivist Paul Marin 

Meet 'Stop CorporateWater Grab' Activist Paul Marin

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We've got an eye on your
safety. Whether it's diseased
cow feed, overworked
truckers, corporate influence
over U.S. government policy, 
or radiation dangerswe are
protecting you, your family,
your community. We are
keeping you informed and
involved when it counts.
so we can support you. 

Take Two: Recommended Actions 

Outrage of the Week: CAFTA
Is your District going to suffer because of CAFTA? Find out in our damage reports. Hear Global Trade Watch Director Lori Wallach talk about the impact you are having on the CAFTA betrayal votes. Click here.
 (mp3 file).  Take action.

Is Your State Lethal for Truck Crash Fatalities? See the States Topping the List in Our Press Room

What Issues Affecting America Concern You the Most? Tell Us.


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