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"It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself."--Eleanor Roosevelt

Activist SpotlightMeet Elena Day

Meet Elena Day. She is working to protect residents of Virginia from nuclear reactors.

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Congrats Connecticut! Check out their big win on campaign finance reform.

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From Joan Claybrook, Public Citizen President: George W. Bush's plummeting poll numbers, combined with numerous scandals involving key members of Congress, have Bush and his cronies running scared. They will attempt to jam through as many pay-offs to special interests as they can between now and the 2006 mid-term elections, and lobbyists will return the favors by making huge campaign contributions to try to keep them in power. We need your support to continue fighting against this corruption. Give generously to Public Citizen now.

Mary Potorti, 
Congress Watch intern 
since September, has
been focusing on
government ethics and
cleaning up Congress.
and learn why she
thinks interning with
Public Citizen is better 
than interning at
the White House.
What scares Mary
most about Tom DeLay?
DeLay Comes Clean: Mary is Behind Him

Take Two: Recommended Actions

  • Stand up to Big Oil! Tell your Senators to support the repeal of tax breaks for oil companies in S. 2020. Find out more from Energy Program Director Tyson Slocum and take action now. It only takes a second. Spread the word on how easy it is to stand up to Big Oil.
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    Outrage of the Week:
    Congress Watch's Gordon Clark has a holiday wish you can add to your list --  listen now.
     (mp3 file). Then write your Rep. It's the gift for everyone who wants an end to corruption in Congress and Tom DeLay removed from power.

What does the government not want you to know about over 900,000 government employees. Find out in our Press Room.

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